Yes ladies, that is a Darth Vader corset


The “Galactic Lord Corset Costume” from Evening Arwen can be yours for a mere $600. There’s even an option for your loyal henchwomen, the “Galactic Trooper Corset Costume.” (via)

I actually think George would approve. For a second. Before he called his lawyers.

7 Replies to “Yes ladies, that is a Darth Vader corset”

  1. I’m kinda surprised someone hasn’t done this before, actually.

    There are the Femme Troopers (did I get that name right?). There was a female Vader. I actually prefer this to those, myself. (Although I’m not digging that cape.)

  2. Paula: I’m only really surprised that we haven’t seen something like this for real yet. Particularly with the whole Slave Leia thing so overplayed. (And you can wear actual pants or a skirt with this, always a plus.)

    jkthunder: Electrical tape, for verisimilitude. Actually, it kind looks like it’s covered in electrical tape…

  3. The only real problem I have with that is that that corset clearly does not fit the model. Corsets are *support* garments. If the wearer can get an indecent exposure charge from bumping into someone in the hotel lobby, yer doin’ it wrong. That one needs to sit higher to hold a chest that size.

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