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Many of you may be familiar with the idea of a wiki. It’s an open-source, community-driven and produced encyclopedia-like site that draws on the knowledge of the general public. The most prevalent example is the Wikipedia, a site which not only has become a go-to starting point for information seekers but has also evolved into a great source for news.

Well there is now a wiki-powered resource for all things Star Wars. The Wookieepedia (an excellent name) is your all-inclusive site for everything you might need to know. All aspects of the Star Wars universe are covered, from the movies, the novels and even the Marvel Comics series. One of the great things about wikis is their power to connect events, and in the case of Star Wars that’s a great thing to have at your hands. An event from a recent book might have been related to something that happened in a comic book years ago. The events might not connect to you, but someone here has it covered.

Source: Cinematical & wookies pic, dragondrop.org

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  1. S’okay. TFN makes a big deal and suddenly everyone on the planet is linking it. Le sigh.

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