And Best Supporting Cardboard goes to…

Lucasfilm’s For Your Consideration ads for Revenge of the Sith.

Natalie Portman? Seriously?

4 Replies to “And Best Supporting Cardboard goes to…”

  1. Yeah. Natalie’s acting wasn’t entirely stellar in this movie. (I’ve liked her in others. Not in Ep3, though.) But Ian McDiarmid?! He MUST be nominated. What a riveting performance.

    But I really loved the Padme ads. They’re beautiful!

  2. I think those are ads for the Costume Design nom, which I could totally get behind. Portman is a fantastic clothes hanger.

  3. Hayden Christenson and Best Actor do not belong within 700 words of each other. Unless there is a Not involved.

  4. I am totally behind Ian McDiarmed getting a Best Supporting Actor nomination. (Hey, IIRC they nominated Alec Guiness for Best Supporting Actor in 1977–it would be a nice full-circle kind of moment at the least.) I doubt he’d win, but it would be nice if he were nominated.

    I just hope that the film at least cleans up in technical awards and doesn’t get bumped out by something like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which I find I STILL haven’t bothered to go see.) Frankly ROTS really impressed me there–for once, I didn’t mind the CGI. Everything flowed. Everything works.

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