Win Tim Leong’s Star Wars Super Graphic

Time to count down to Force Friday with a few book giveaways! Before you head out to the bookstores this Friday, you can get your hands on some cool books from Club Jade! Today we are starting the giveaway for a copy of Star Wars Super Graphic by Tim Leong. Thanks to our friends at Chronicle Books, we’re giving away one copy to a random winner. I totally loved this book of awesome Star Wars infographics, which came out in late July – you can check out my interview with creator Tim Leong over at the official site.

Want to win? Simply leave a message in the comments of this post with the name of your favorite droid by the deadline of 11:59 pm EDT on September 3, 2017, and we’ll announce a random winner the following week. We can ship the book to a winner in the US or I can deliver it to you in person at Salt Lake Comic Con (Sept. 21-23, 2017) or at the Rancho Obi-Wan gala in November.

20 Replies to “Win Tim Leong’s Star Wars Super Graphic”

  1. Roger from Freemaker Adventures. The fact that he bakes cookies gives him a big leg up.

  2. BB-8 and K-2SO are solid newcomers, but R2-D2 will forever be the MVP of Star Wars.

  3. C-3PO! I loved him so much as a small kid and he was my first Star Wars figure. (Which I took everywhere and also ended up carrying with me to my uni graduation, hahaha!)

  4. Definately has to be BB-8. But I love the shout-outs above to HK-47 and GONK droids. =)

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