William’s The Force Unleashed II up for tie-in award

The Force Unleashed II novelization by Sean Williams is a nominee for Best Speculative Original in the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers’ Fifth Annual Scribe Awards. (Shouldn’t it be in the adapted category?)

In his blog entry on the nomination, Williams also says that he’s working on a Star Wars short story – for the Insider, perhaps?

The Scribe Awards have previously nominated one Star Wars novel, Karen Miller’s The Clone Wars: Wild Space for Best Speculative Fiction Adapted (…it wasn’t adapted) in 2009, though the prize ultimately went to the novelization of Hellboy: The Golden Army. They also named Alan Dean Foster, who ghostwrote the original Star Wars novelization, a Grandmaster in 2008. Foster also wrote two Star Wars novels under his own name, 1978’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and 2002’s The Approaching Storm.

3 Replies to “William’s The Force Unleashed II up for tie-in award”

  1. Ha, that’s nice with the off mix up in categories for those two books… so strange. I haven’t read the novelization, but the game was disappointing so I don’t know. I did read his adaptation of the first game, though, and enjoyed it. So many different associations for this and that these days. Regardless, best of luck to Mr. Williams! And I’d be very excited about reading an Insider short from him.

  2. looking at the past nominees and winners, Star Wars, despite coming out with several novels every year, doesn’t get a lot of nominations, compared to Star Trek or CSI. Is it that the IAMTW doesn’t have a lot of SW authors? (does writing for SW works as a different sort of tie-in gig than most media tie-in jobs? or is it that most of the more established SW authors haven’t joined the IAMTW… you notice that the two SW noms are for relatively newer SW authors…

  3. It appears their membership leans heavily to the crime/mystery writers. Not sure how much crossover there is to the SF/F folks as I wouldn’t recognize most of the Trek writers, either.

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