Will The Force Unleashed unleash more characters?

According to Haden Blackman, “Princess Leia has a pivotal role.” (In the Senate? A level in Alderaan? When does this take place, anyway?) The Emperor is kind of a no-brainer given the whole Vader’s secret apprentice angle, but “surprise cameos from the films and the Expanded Universe?” Well, we already know a few ‘surprises’ show up in duel mode

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  1. the game is supposed to talk about the founding of the rebel alliance, so it would make sense that Leia would be involved – although it would also put the timeframe of the game much closer to the Episode IV timeframe if she is active in politics.

    unless of course, her role has more to do with her simply existing as the unknown daughter of Padme, who died pregnant, and the looking into loose ends bit of Episode III.

  2. Given what was left on the cutting room floor for ROTS, the Rebellion should be pretty well founded – if not exactly active – by this point. Though the Wook claims that The New Essential Chronology places the Corellian Treaty at 2ABY. This why I don’t do continuity.

    I believe Leia become a senator at 16… But then, she could also be hanging around Coruscant with Bail at an even younger age.

    Speaking of the Wook: A picture of Leia and Bail. From TFU, apparently. ::facepalm:: Though the rendering on Bail is about 200% better than Leia, go figure.

  3. From some of the TFU trailers, Leia looks to be a tween – 12 or 13 years old. Of course it’s really hard to tell from such a short glimpse and the fact that it’s an animation. I’m leaning towards this being before (and perhaps leading up to) Leia takes a seat in the Senate.

    I think the most exciting moment for me in all the TFU buzz was seeing Leia in there.

  4. dunc – there were resistance movements from ROTS onwards, but they didn’t amalgamate into the “Rebel Alliance” we known and love till 2 BBY (ie, 2 years prior to ANH).

    Coincidently, that’s the year Force Unleashed is set…

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