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  1. “McConnell Air Force Base declined to

    And there’s your answer, folks. X-plane of some kind.

  2. Asha: UFOs are usually moving… Hence, the blurry image. ;) I can’t speak for Sasquatch though.

    This wasn’t a space shuttle hitchhiking on a 747, no shuttles returned back. Unless they were testing something else… But even then it probably would have made some sort of noise, one would think anyways.

    And no, it’s not an Osprey… Those things aren’t the quietest planes around. ;)

  3. 15 min ago my best friend whom is training in Wichita called me to tell me her assistant and she saw , off of Rock Road, a lighted V shape that did not move,(about 100 yards from the ground). They kept their eves on it but when they made a u turn, it blinked out in a second. They are excited and pretty freaked out. They ran into the hotel, and told the desk clerk, and she ask if they saw the morning paper( they had NOT).It was the article about the foto of the UFO.

  4. Definitely not a V-22. Is it possible that a B-2 could piggy back another aircraft? Only McConnell AFB would know, and they are not talking. I have been around military aircraft for 30+ years, and my father was stationed at several bases housing such aircraft as the SR-71, U-2, and F-117, so I have seen my fair share of weird aircraft. In my opinion it looks like a B-2 with a scramjet piggybacking.

  5. It is probably a probe from a civilization which has used Saturn and a moon of Saturn called Titan as temporary bases. The pink hue suggests that the probe is powered by tritium, the third isotope of hydrogen. World governments will likely remain silent about this and related events because they have no ability or apparent willingness to address these events.

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