So what’s up with that Fixer comic, again?

It was pretty overshadowed by the Invasion reveal, but NYCC also brought another project to light: A Fixer comic, ‘From the Shadow of Twin Suns,’ co-written by Anthony Forest, who played the character in scenes cut from A New Hope. But don’t get too excited: Here’s what Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley said on TheForce.Net boards this morning:

I feel that I should state for the record that this is NOT a Dark Horse title, and it is NOT on our publishing schedule. It is a story that has been proposed to us. Period.

In short, that chicken is not yet hatched.

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  1. They should make this comic. I would hate to see Fixer get “deleted” from star Wars for the second time.

  2. I think if Forest was talking about it on a panel (and showing mock-ups!) before it was officially signed, he might have killed any chances it had… Even if he mentioned that it was still in the pitch stage (and maybe he did: the fan reports don’t say) it was still a bad move, IMO. I really doubt we’ll ever see this.

  3. This comic would test my limits as a Star Wars EU complete-ist.

    Who am I kidding? If I own Galaxy of Fear, i’d have to buy this too :-P

  4. I don’t think showing mock ups is a bad idea, and it won’t “kill any chances” the word has to get out somehow. and I’m tired of Empire falling and coming back stoires. Palpatine dieing and coming back stories. lets have something new.

  5. I’m not saying it’s a bad story idea. How can we know? We don’t have any details on the plot. I’m saying that showing it off before it’s picked up (remember, if DH doesn’t take it, no one else can due to licensing issues) doesn’t strike me as professional behavior, and that might sour it to the people that make the decisions.

    Also, we haven’t have a resurrected Emperor storyline since 1995.

  6. I don’t think he was showing it off, that’s why he gave no plot details. He was just stating that he was writing it.

  7. I was there at NYCC and got the mock up of this comic. Anthony told me that it was a proposed idea. The comic cover was pulled from a stack and slid into my photo envelope quickly, Anthony simplt stated to me when I asked what it was that it was a proposed project. I never noticed till later the Dark Horse logo. I think it was a good idea. He has gotten the word out there and if the fans like it, they will speak and demmand to Dark Horse to provide this project to us. I think this was a great idea and smart marketing tool.

  8. I agree with above comment, and that Fixer should not be deleted a second time. We should start a write-in campaign to Dark horse an LFL: DON’T LET FIXER GET DELETED AGAIN

  9. This sounds good. i was also at NYCC and the idea of a Fixer comic is exciting. why is Dark horse not endorsing the comic?

  10. Because it’s not one of their titles, and it’s unclear if it ever will be. But Stradley’s comment is not a good sign, IMO.

  11. it was probably a case of speaking too soon, but I think it can make it as a comic.

  12. so what is up with the Fixer Comic? It was mentioned on the forcecast. Everyone likes the idea..

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