Who’s who in Death Star

Sue Rostoni posted the Dramatis Personae for the upcoming Death Star by Steve Perry and Michael Reaves. The book comes out in September, and the DP is quoted beneath the cut.

Here’s the DP as I have it, and it’s pretty close to what will be in the book:

Atour Riten; Imperial Navy commander, Chief Librarian (human male)

Celot Ratua Dil; convicted smuggler (Zelosian male)

Conan Antonio Motti; Imperial Navy admiral (human male)

Daala; Imperial Navy admiral (human female)

Darth Vader; Dark Lord of the Sith (human male)

Kornell “Uli” Divini; Imperial Surgical Corps captain (human male)

Memah Roothes; pub tender (Twi’lek female)

Nova Stihl; Imperial Marines guard sergeant (human male)

Rodo; bouncer (human male)

Teela Kaarz; architect, convict (Mirialan female)

Tenn Graneet; Imperial Navy master chief gunnery officer (human male)

Villian Dance; Imperial Navy lieutenant, TIE fighter pilot (human male)

Wilhuff Tarkin; Imperial Navy Grand Moff (human male)

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