Upcoming releases: Street date shuffle

IMAGE: The Essential AtlasOver at RandomHouse.com, there’s a new release date for Dan Wallace and Jason Fry’s The Essential Atlas – February 25, 2009. (It was previously in for this September.) On the plus side, we learn that it will total 256 pages, just a tad heftier than Wallace’s New Essential Chronology.

In a less dramatic move, the Death Star paperback jumped forward two weeks to a November 25 release… Our book release schedule has been updated thusly.

Book schedule changes and updates

Was checking up on our book schedule last night, and noticed that the release date for the third Coruscant Nights novel, Patterns of the Force, has been pushed back to January 27th – more than understandable given Michael Reaves’ health issues, so hold the bitching.

Happier news comes in the form of two paperback reprints – Death Star is set for November 11th, and Darth Bane: Rule of Two for October 28.

Our Star Wars book release schedule has been thus updated.

More tidbits from the publishing program

Sue reveals what potion of the Dark Times era they’re allowed – less than you might think:

The major portion of the Dark Times era, the time between Ep3 & 4, is still off-limits for development. We’re allowed one year after Ep3 and one year before Ep4.

And good news on the Death Star front – as well as the typeface, for you font geeks.

I’m presently reading the page proofs for DEATH STAR. A good read — a nice combo of known and unknown characters — a super story. And for those of you who enjoy page counts, it’s 363 pages long.

Also, the back cover copy for Inferno ought to be showing up on starwars.com soon.