Who holds back the electric car? Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Jan. 14-20

@azizansari: Amazing! Surprise screening of Star Wars Episode VII at this morning's Illuminati meeting. So great.

We may never see Aziz Ansari again… Also, a stunning performance of Dudes Act Out Star Wars From Memory, shop vacs, Snow2-D2 and more…

Best #StarWars tweets for Jan 14-20

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Amazing! Surprise screening of Star Wars Episode VII at this morning’s Illuminati meeting. So great.Aziz Ansari
Last night’s dream: George Lucas cast me as Luke Skywalker in his live stage show "Dudes Act Out Star Wars From Memory." It was an honor.Joseph Scrimshaw
Sign there’s a lot of #StarWars in your life: I saw a shop vac this morning and I thought it was a droid.Kristen Hidalgo
The answer is Han Solo. The answer is always Han Solo.Heather Vee
I promised myself I wouldn’t tweet about the snow, but my brother just made this, and it’s awesome. #r2d2 #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/6wwkpdBgHannah George
People so eager to show their kids Star Wars. Okay. But then you gotta show em Empire. The movie that teaches you PARENTS LIE AND ARE BAD.Bobby
Which group is more inept, useless, and dangerous: Jedi in Star wars prequels or Hogwarts staff in Harry Potter?Dave Lartigue
Somehow I will use the Marvel/Disney/’Lucasfilm connection to land my dream job: Official Jedi Namer. Get ready for Shakira Gaga Lopez!Daniel Ketchum
It’s not easy to traverse #Antarctica, but #StarWars robots have no problems. http://pic.twitter.com/d2Lq0BE1IceCube Neutrino
If you call Lucasfilm’s old incorrect number, Darth Vader tells you the new correct one. Oh and their hold tone is the Star Wars theme.Chester Law
30 years ago today, Variety magazine posted an ad from George Lucas to pal Steven Speilberg. http://pic.twitter.com/sPlgUaFxStar Wars
This Variety ad, from George Lucas to James Cameron when Titanic topped SW, hangs in my office. Art by Iain McCaig. http://pic.twitter.com/6yI0uvhqMary Franklin
Found myself defending George Lucas this morning. Yes, he created the prequels, but he also made incredible, immortal things.Joseph Ben Unkle III
Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, American Graffiti, and of course the original trilogy. The prequels don’t ruin that legacy.Joseph Ben Unkle III

Episode VII

I explained Disney buyout of Lucasfilm to my 7 year old. I must have mistakenly believed only adults can be cynical and jaded.Keith Silva
Reading an article about the Disney Lucasfilm acquisition; wtf, "aging actors" was not the main problem with Crystal Skull.Dianeosaur
After reading that New York Times piece about Lindsay Lohan’s new movie, Paul Schrader should be the guy that directs a new STAR WARS filmPatrick Sauriol
Disney should auction off the director’s gig on a Star Wars movie. A guy like Snyder would pay a million bucks for that job.Scott Weinberg
Anyone cringing at Zach Snyder getting a Star Wars movie who also paid money for Sucker Punch: he’s kind of the guy you deserve.Genevieve Valentine
I’m sure that the Zack Snyder #StarWars film will come out the same time as the David Yates stand alone #DoctorWho filmpaul depaola

The Expanded Universe

If @KevinHearne’s Star Wars novel turns out half as funny as his outline for it, you guys are in for a lot of fun.Jennifer Heddle
After seven years rattling in my brain, the last word of KENOBI is on paper. Rounds of revision to come, but the feeling now is beyond joy.John Jackson Miller
"Spoiler" and "warning," strangely enough. Inexplicable. RT @TheScoobyDoom Just curious, what are the first and last words?John Jackson Miller
Scoundrels is about as much fun as a #SWEU novel can possibly be. Well done, Zahn. This is almost as great as The Icarus Hunt.Brian
Oh. So his appearance in Shadows of the Empire is why I’m supposed to care about Dash Rendar. Searching for… Nope. Still no cares found.Bria
Star Wars #1 was okay. When things like the Thrawn trilogy and the movies exist, I have high standards for Star Wars expanded universe.Jocelyn von Doom
When Marvel gets the #StarWars rights reverted to them, I hope the first mini series involves Jaxxon, Crimson Jack, Shira Brie and Hoojibs.Greg Araujo
It’s probably a good thing we decided on my son’s name before I got too far into the #StarWars expanded universe novels.Jon Bauer
The Clone Wars
The people who do Clone Wars realized Darth Maul is a great character. Love how they are fleshing his story out. #CloneWarsTrinidad D’Jango
After what we got in yesterday’s @TheCloneWars episode, the series should go on for another 5 seasons. Stunning. #CloneWarsJustin LaSalata
Can we finally accept that the @clonewars has proper Mandos now? (And better than KTs Mando-klingons)paul depaola

Star Wars life

5yo daughter jumping around on bed says: I’m George! Me: The monkey? 5yo: Yes (annoyed) Not George Lucas, Mommy. #TooMuchStarWarsAtOurHouseRiel Nason
Charlie has decided to take on the "pretty woman" challenge, and educate a twi’lek on how to be a princess. http://instagr.am/p/Uu2dH0KEpY/joelaron
My niece is beating me with a lightsaber. Raising her right. #jedi #starwarsKaitlyn Murphy
pretending the vacuum was a light saber while cleaning may have been a bad idea.. #StarWars #cleanfreakSara Fairfax


I like to loudly mutter, "He’s no good to me DEAD" in crowds and on Death Stars.GailSimone
When I die, I want to become a blue hologram who follows Jedis around, making fun of their hairstyles.Conan O’Brien
Yes, I was married. It was a secret wedding, a S-E-C-R-E-T. Our registry was at Blood, Bath & Beyond.Darth Vader

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