When fanboys attack (each other)

I waffled back and forth on this one – while certainly relevant to fandom, these interviews with Star Wars spoilerfolks get pretty obscure if you weren’t a part of the spoiler scene. (Let’s put it this way: Once the discussion gets past TFN, Jedinet, Starwarz, etc, even I fail to recognize half of the sites being discussed. And I was by no means spoiler-free.)

Joshua Griffin, surprisingly, makes the best impression; T’bone, for all he denies it, comes off like someone hauling around a very bad case of sour grapes; Fatboy Roberts has the most interesting historical perspective; there’s one more yet to go, but although I remember Episode X I have no clue who this Tai person is, so I’ll just let it go.

But whatever your position, the interviews form an intriguing look at one of fandom’s more cutthroat periods.

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