Linkwhoring: Can you handle more Star Trek?

Blast from the past. Newsweek has a fantastic audio slideshow featuring long-time fan Angelique Trouvere talking about Trek conventions of the 70’s. Don’t miss it!

Don’t blink. MTV points out the many cameos in the new film. There was no mistaking Tyler Perry, but who else missed Greg Grunberg? io9 goes into more detail on the various Easter Eggs.

He is Spock. Geoff Boucher has a great interview with Leonard Nimoy.

But everyone’s a Captain Kirk. Elsewhere on the Los Angeles Times site, Todd Martens takes a look at Star Trek in mainstream music.

Speaking of Kirk… You could get your own next time you fly.

Geek reads. Here’s a site devoted to Star Trek books. Huh. (via)

A fanboy moment. John Serba’s ten reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Can’t we all just get along? (via)

We love our melodramatic space trash, but let’s be realistic here

EU fans embrace the painNo, cheesy franchise books are not generally up for awards. You know why? Because they’re cheesy franchise books, and let’s not even pretend that their burger-flipping reputation is entirely undeserved. Face it, guys: For every Traitor, there are a half-dozen Darksabers. (I’ve paid for most of them. In hardcover.) And half the time, particularly in this franchise, the subtleties of Great Book Z might not work for a reader who lacks extensive knowledge of Crappy Trilogies X and Y.

I’m not even saying that genre award winners are necessarily great literature (I’ve been bored to tears by at least as many as I’ve enjoyed; Pretty much the same as Star Wars, come to think of it) but it’s an entirely different kind of playing field.

And lest we forget, hardcore fans of the sort that inhabit TFN’s Lit forum are not exactly the most unbiased of creatures.

By the by, the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers have their own awards, and Karen Miller is currently up for one for Wild Space.

Star Wars fan speeds for eBay

Don't let this be you!State patrol troopers in the Seattle area pulled over a man who claimed he was speeding (110 mph!) in order to get home in time to place a bid on an eBay item. The cherry on this fail sundae? His car was full of Star Wars merchandise.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Casey McNerthney then goes on to make the obligatory living-in-his-parent’s basement jokes, but I can’t say I blame him in this case. Is anything on eBay really worth jail time? Really?

The lesson here, geeklings: Don’t bid and drive. Or at least clean out your car before you do, lest you get publicly mocked on the internet.

TFN thread of the indeterminate time period: The key phrase here is ‘historical perspective’

After nearly two decades, three actual movies, a TV show/movie, and (approximately) a thousand other books, of course Heir to the Empire and pals have some continuity issues. Sorry, that’s just how we play it in the GFFA. Suck it up, fanboy.

But we can agree on one thing: The covers have always been pretty bad. Of course, some of the EU’s worst have nice Drew Struzan covers, thus proving the old adage…