Linkwhoring: Can you handle more Star Trek?

Blast from the past. Newsweek has a fantastic audio slideshow featuring long-time fan Angelique Trouvere talking about Trek conventions of the 70’s. Don’t miss it!

Don’t blink. MTV points out the many cameos in the new film. There was no mistaking Tyler Perry, but who else missed Greg Grunberg? io9 goes into more detail on the various Easter Eggs.

He is Spock. Geoff Boucher has a great interview with Leonard Nimoy.

But everyone’s a Captain Kirk. Elsewhere on the Los Angeles Times site, Todd Martens takes a look at Star Trek in mainstream music.

Speaking of Kirk… You could get your own next time you fly.

Geek reads. Here’s a site devoted to Star Trek books. Huh. (via)

A fanboy moment. John Serba’s ten reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Can’t we all just get along? (via)

2 Replies to “Linkwhoring: Can you handle more Star Trek?”

  1. I loved that slide show on the early Trek conventions. Really, not much has changed, has it? (That picture of the dealer’s room was especially amusing.)

  2. Argh. I really dislike the whole “my fandom is better than YOUR fandom” thing, as if liking SW and ::insert movie/TV show/book here:: are mutually exclusive. I remember this stuff when Spider-Man came out, too, since AOTC came out the same year. All the Spidey vs. SW stuff was just inane. It’s not like the success of one movie mortally wounded the pocketbooks of the creator of the other.

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