Weird merchandise: Lightsaber bookends

I’m sorry, but the coloring of the melted metal or plasma or whatever the hell that’s supposed to be makes me think of, uhh, the end result of liposuction. Yeah. A for effort?

Call me when they bring back the trash compactor, ‘kay?

9 Replies to “Weird merchandise: Lightsaber bookends”

  1. Ok, so I have NO TASTE, but I want these. Except that they’re clearly too large, and therefore would occupy prime book real estate while not being books.

    The goo stuff would only be cool if it was lit up, to simulate the glow of molten metal. Lightsaber too–it must glow. Otherwise it is not tacky enough for my bookshelf.

  2. Yeah, the size would be my second complaint. Though they’d work well enough on an open type of shelf.

    But, you know, these are so clearly Not For Me that I just can’t get worked up.

  3. Best comment I’ve heard so far on these was “Wow! I really need a dildo going into scrambled eggs for my book shelf”

  4. Oh, I totally want them. (They actually came out about a year ago.)

    But the size is too much for my already-crowded shelves.

  5. The unpainted sculpt images were out a year ago, maybe. But that’s a prototype and it’s still only a preorder on the site….

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