Wear Star Wars Every Day: Week 34

August prizes 2
Only a few more days left in the month to be eligible to win cool prizes in our August giveaway for Wear Star Wars Every Day – there’s the uncorrected advance proof of Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston (book doesn’t come out until October), the just-released Aliens of the Galaxy by Jason Fry, a Celebration Europe crew t-shirt, and a SWCE Rusty Droid bottle opener. Plus here’s the recap video for Week 34 of #WearStarWarsEveryDay, full of news on donations, what I wore, and now the latest on what’s going on with Collateral Repair Project.

Maxi big thanks to our anonymous GoFundMe donor this week, whoever you are! Also, thanks to everyone who has lent me apparel seen this week: Donna, Tony, Chris, and James! Remember, every day I wear a new and different Star Wars apparel item, my daily pledgemakers will chip in $4.65! This week, we’ve got some Rebel Legion wear, a pair of Boba Fett socks, a rarity from the 2006 US tour to promote the DVD release, and a really cool shirt from the #Cantina party at Celebration Europe. This review for Week 34 covers August 19 to August 25 of my wearathon, and an update on fundraising for Collateral Repair Project, a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Wear Star Wars Every Day so far, both our one-time donors and our per-day pledge makers. While each day I continue my project, another $4.65 is donated by our pledge makers, but I’d love to get that total up to $5.00 even (or higher!) for the second half of 2016. If you’d like to chip in at a dime a day or a quarter per day (or more), make your pledge at the per-day pledge form and you can choose whether to support the project for the entire year, or just start at the beginning of September. Or you can just make a one-time or a recurring monthly donation at GoFundMe.com/WearStarWars2016. Remember, if you donate in August, you might be eligible to win the prize drawings for an ARC of the upcoming Ahsoka novel, a Celebration Europe Crew shirt, and more!

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, or make a donation or a per-day pledge!

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