Wacky merchandise: Star Wars Onesies

Star Wars Onesies

Star Wars onesies. Somewhere, someone is blaming Disney for this.

9 Replies to “Wacky merchandise: Star Wars Onesies”

  1. Two things make me laugh:
    – I see this more as a girl’s design than a man’s design. (And even with that… kinda funny.)
    – The awesome poses of the model. “Yeah. I’m Boba Fett. I’m cool.”

  2. Just showed it to a co-worker.

    Her comment: “Yeah. That’s a total mood killer. ‘Hey, baby. Give me a sec while I zip up my Star Wars onesie.’ ::zip::”

  3. Not gonna lie…my boyfriend and I were about to order them. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to California.

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