Review: National Geographic Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star WarsIt’s that most wonderful time of the year when all the Star Wars gift books come out. So which ones are worth putting on your gift list for the year?

National Geographic Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind the Saga has a fairly self-explanatory title. This book, targeted at the teenage reading level, gives you cute little stories about the adorable Angry Birds Star Wars characters, but also delves into the science associated with it. Astronomy. Physics. Science history. There’s a little bit for everyone in there. And since it’s National Geographic, you know they’ll have it right.

This is probably a fun book even if you haven’t gotten yourself aggravated by Angry Birds Star Wars, yet. (Why am I so bad at that game?) Many of the facts concern the science behind Star Wars, as well. And the graphics are bright and colorful.

Both the hardcover and paperback versions are reasonably priced. So if you’re trying to find something on the lower end for folks to get you, this would be a good one to add to your wish list.

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  1. Am I the only one that gets annoyed with Angry Bird Star Wars? I mostly just get bothered by all the merchandising. It is strange because as a Star Wars fan it hasn’t really bothered me before. I was even fine with LEGO cashing in on Star Wars. So why does this bother me? As a collector I have sort of decided: …well Angry Birds Star Wars just doesn’t count. I don’t need to collect THOSE books. (I do this anyway to help limit what I purchase from time to time). Anyone else like this?

  2. There has been a lot of Star Wars Angry Birds merchandise that I wished they’d make for the regular franchise. And they have taken it to the extreme.

    But it’s whatever the market will support. And it must be supporting it pretty well, given the amount of stuff that continues to come out.

    It’s mostly the app that annoys me because I’m terrible at it! :)

  3. I can’t get into angry birds. Something about the art just bugs me. Most of the Star Wars collectibles I have are things I find visually attractive in some way with a few exceptions for well loved characters with limited merchandise options.

    You’re not alone, Mark. I think it’s because the Lego stuff still looks nice, even though it’s simplistic to a degree…there’s usually some sophistication to that simplicity. There’s still some remnant of the attitude or imagery. Angry Birds just looks like globs wearing costumes.

  4. I don’t mind the game itself – it’s dumb silly fun – but the rest of it is just ridiculous. Particularly this book, I Just Can’t.

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