Wacky merchandise: Cookie cutters and pancake molds

These products aren’t wacky in and of themselves: Who doesn’t love cookies and pancakes? It just seems a bit strange that they appear at a place like Williams-Sonoma. (Though they are a sister brand to Pottery Barn, so it’s not totally out of the blue.) Sure, $20 cookie cutters are mildly ridiculous, but we’re tremendously jaded, and at least you get Vader-shaped food out of it.

6 Replies to “Wacky merchandise: Cookie cutters and pancake molds”

  1. $20 is within my “this amuses me and I must get it” range.

    $4,000 books are not. (Even the $129 Force Trainer is out of my preferred Star Wars amusement range.)

    Of course, this might cost me more than $20. I need a decent oven to make decent cookies and my oven no longer fits that criteria.

  2. Considering the huge popularity of the Vintage Wilton cake pans, I would not be surprised at all to see these become very popular as well. My order for both sets is in…

  3. Got my cookie cutters- we don’t really do pancakes so haven’t picked up the molds yet. The cookie cutters are really nice though!

  4. I got both sets a little while back from a friend who works at Williams Sonoma. Haven’t tried the cookie cutters yet, but have used the pancake molds. They need some usage suggestions on the package, mine turned out really bad – stuck to the molds and completely fell apart. I ended up making Death Star pancakes instead ;)

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