Take a first listen to Fate of the Jedi: Allies

An audio excerpt of Christie Golden’s Allies – the fifth book of the series, out on the 25th – is up at Random House.

In related news, Sue Rostoni has revealed on the boards that Kenth Hamner, not Saba Sebatyne as previously announced, will get the back cover spot on the sixth book, Denning’s Vortex. (It’s due out in December.) A model has been hired, so presumably he won’t be a dead ringer for William Shatner this time around.

3 Replies to “Take a first listen to Fate of the Jedi: Allies

  1. It would have been cool to see Saba on the cover, but I’m simply excited that they’re featuring semi-uncommon characters instead of reusing the movie heroes again and again. It was fine for the first decade or two, but now it’s gettin’ old.

  2. Kudos to them for this decision… I always rather liked Kenth. Or was that just pity?

    But yeah, Saba would have been neat too…

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