Video: SWW’s Clone Wars S4 trailer ala bootleg

Star Wars Weekends fallout! Here’s the inevitable bootleg copy of the new Clone Wars S4 trailer that was shown at Disney World over the weekend. Watch it before it gets copyright-killed, or be resigned to wait until they release it on when the Weekends are over. (via)

4 Replies to “Video: SWW’s Clone Wars S4 trailer ala bootleg”

  1. The bar just continues to be set higher & higher as each season progresses.

  2. I wonder if Lucasfilm will ever learn to just give the fans a bloody trailer without all those completely unnessecary detours (bootlegs, rapidshare, whatever). It’s as if they want us to watch their stuff in the worst possible format and quality… *moronicstoneagementality*

    @ trailer: What little can be seen – thanks LFL *rolleyes* – S4 looks promising. I wonder if Ackbar gets to say something about traps… ;-)

  3. They’ll release it officially when the Disney weekends wrap up – or at least that’s what they did last year.

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