Timothy Zahn is on Facebook, reveals Choices, Heir short tidbits

The man responsible for jump-started the Expanded Universe (and thus getting many of us in or back into fans) is now on Facebook! Believe it or not, it’s his first official page in… Ever! We’re happy to see him, so go forth and ‘Like!’

You can let him know who you’d like to see featured in a short story, provided Dark Force Rising and The Last Command get the annotation treatment…

In the comments, he reveals a little about the story that will be in the new Heir to the Empire: “The story in Heir (“Crisis of Faith”) does have Fel in it. The story also acts as a link between Choices of One and Heir to the Empire.” Also, “Pellaeon plays a major role” in Choices of One.

2 Replies to “Timothy Zahn is on Facebook, reveals Choices, Heir short tidbits”

  1. Would be nice to see a little more of old Soontir. For some reason the turning points in his career/life have always been omitted: He came, he went, he changed sides, he came again… ;-)

    Pellaeon in CoO? Great news!

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