Video: Star Wars re-release trailer

And the vintage trailer parade continues with a trailer for the 1981 re-release of Star Wars that added Episode IV: A New Hope to the opening crawl.Or may the ’78 re-release? The day’s not over, but this isn’t exactly a great sign for the theorists

4 Replies to “Video: Star Wars re-release trailer”

  1. Ha, they could do this for awhile. (Also, it’s actually the ’78 one-year reissue)

  2. Part of me: Amused. Part of me: Feeling screwed. Most of me: Feeling Amscrewed.

    Seriously Lucasfilm, what’s the matter with you? This is slowly but surely bordering on torture…

  3. Isn’t that like getting mad that Jesus didn’t appear on your tortilla again?

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