Video: My Little Ponies doing musicals

This is terrifying. (You’re welcome.)

10 Replies to “Video: My Little Ponies doing musicals”

  1. The Dreamgirls bit had me cracking up by the end, but I couldn’t last through the Wicked number. (Nothing I’ve seen from that musical makes sense to me. THE BOOK WAS NOT LIKE THAT.)

  2. I’m impressed by the dancers that squeezed into those costumes…

    On Wicked, the musical only vaguely resembles the book, but thank goodness. A musical that was actually like the Wicked book, would have been horrific. Of course, I thought the book was pretty awful/disturbing…

  3. My daughter LOVED that.

    “Oh mommy, they are SO beaaaautiful!”

    *gasping* (kid)

    *facepalm* (me)

  4. I hope George Lucas sees that and hires the guys (and gals) behind it for the ultimate version of the Oola number in ROTJ. Man that would be awf…some.

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