Video: New John Carter trailer evokes AOTC, Avatar

Reddish arena, giant snarling alien monsters, forced combat… There’s a very Geonosis vibe to the new John Carter of Mars trailer, selling the Avataresque motion-capture and narrative. It’s deeply action-packed, but I don’t find it nearly as intriguing as the first trailer. (Kashmir? Really?) Still, I suppose it’ll work to sell the movie to the masses. Or not.

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  1. First off, pretty star.

    Second, if Ep II would have had the Jedi flying around like that, folks may have liked it better.

    Third. The use of Kashmir is yet another “tribute” thing. Look how well rock music worked for “Iron Man.”

  2. ‘Iron Man’ wasn’t nearly as overused as ‘Kashmir’ is… Particularly disappointing after how inspired the music in the other trailer was. I was completely thrown out of the trailer by ‘Kashmir.’ I’m not saying they shouldn’t have gone with rock, but at least do something a LITTLE different.

    Look at the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo teaser. Also Led Zeppelin (‘Immigrant Song’) but covered by Trent Reznor and Karen O, which made it fresh.

  3. Any trailer gets points for not being yet another Inception-clone. BWWWAAAAHHRRRM.

  4. >>Second, if Ep II would have had the Jedi flying around like that, folks may have liked it better.

    Word! I still can’t believe how seriously uncool GL depicted the Jedi. All they ever did was talk a lot, fight mostly lame lightsaber battles (and let’s be honest: Nick Gillard was one of the worst things to happen to the prequels, since – unlike Ray Park – he couldn’t tell fencing from a nice game of Tennis) and not really ever use the Force in any cool way.

    There are a lot of bad things you could (and should) say about The Force Unleashed, but at least – just for once! – the Force did what Vader said it could do back in 1977: The ability to destroy a planet is INSIGNIFICANT next to the power of the Force. Oh really, Vader? And where was that power when you failed to jump over your old master?

    Most. Epic. Fail. Ever.

    (and yes, I’m close to trolling here, but every lightsaber fight in AOTC and ROTS makes me mad with disappointment)

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