Video: John Carter trailer

Well, this could be… Interesting? (Yes, it’s an adaption of A Princess of Mars.) I don’t know, but Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E) is directing.

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  1. If only it looked more…like Mars. Redder. It looks like a bunch of dudes in Utah playing sword fight. That said I will remain open-minded as I still have hopes this could be really good. I wonder if it would have been cooler as a Pixar animated film, though.

  2. Kind of an iffy trailer, if you ask me. It’s a little too vague to really tell anything one way or the other, and I’m not too sure about it being done as some kind of frame story…

  3. Gotta agree with driver about it needing to be redder. And they maybe might have wanted to not have a Conan the Barbarian costume in the middle of the Conan movie advertising. Also, its not a good look ever anyway.

    Other than that, me likie.

  4. I loved the Barsoom books when I was in my early teens, they were my solace between ESB and ROTJ – so I’m definitely NOT going to hope too much ;-P

    The costumes & sets seemed conventionally Conanic but at least there was a bit of linguering in the trailer that rose my hopes they’re actually trying to tell a STORY, not just delivering an action&effects roller coaster.

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