Video: Attack of the Clones bloopers

Last night’s offering from the official Star Wars Youtube channel. Also worth noting, while we’re here: I’ve been doing movie theme days on our Tumblr this week as a way of clearing out the drafts folder (ANH, ESB and today is ROTJ; TPM starts tomorrow) and since I just added a ton of AOTC stuff to drafts, more than I can ever use in one day, thus maybe defeating the whole purpose of doing movie days in the first place…

(Also, question: Are enough of you not on Tumblr that you’d like to see updates on our themes over there? I have been keeping to it, but I haven’t done anything bigger than a day or two on a single theme in a while so I wasn’t sure if it was worth a post here.)

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  1. I like the themes a lot. I think it’s worth an announcement if you have something planned for a week or few days, or if it’s something like what you’re doing now with the whole saga across several days. Or maybe a weekly summary of the CJ Tumblr?

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of something weekly, barring multi-day stuff, which doesn’t happen all that often.

    1. Most of the stuff that goes on Tumblr is stuff that wouldn’t make it over here anyway… It’s not really news, per say. (Though I do double-post there when there is news.) But you don’t need an account to read – though if you’re reading several Tumblrs it’s handier that way.

      But I will try and be better about posting about the themes here. Kinda been flying by the seat of my pants lately over there.

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