Video: A Slave Leia PSA

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

7 Replies to “Video: A Slave Leia PSA”

  1. I caught a Marion Ravenwood in that second big group shot. That is a costume that I would be happy to see more of.

  2. It wasn’t the video itself that was important (although as a guy even I have a limit to the number “Slave Leia” ‘s that I can put with), so much as it was the important message at the very end.

  3. haha.

    Slave Leia is actually a pretty hard costume to make, because of the metal bits (even if you do fabric, sculpy, or resin instead, it’s still intensive). If I put that much work into a costume, I want people to actually look at the *costume*.

    Give me something that shows skill instead of skin any day. Or big, stompy boots. One must never underestimate the fun of big stompy boots.

  4. Not to spoil the video, but I LOVED the final alternative-costume example given. ;) The PSA made a good point, too.

  5. And there are multiple options for Leia costumes. ‘A New Hope’ Leia, ‘Bounty Hunter’ Leia, and ‘Forest Battle’ Leia are all good options.

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