UPDATE: Droidmail in the news

The AP picked up the mailbox story, so there’s a chance you have or will see it in your local paper. And, of course, there are 501st involved.

UPDATE: From the 501st I find out StarWars.com added to their earlier news item a general list of the cities where one can expect to find the mailboxes. Troopers and other fans are on the lookout for exact locations – if you can’t find one on your own, checking with your local troop or Fanforce chapter is probably your best bet. And people are finding the boxes in unlisted cities, so don’t worry if your city isn’t there.

3 Replies to “UPDATE: Droidmail in the news”

  1. we’ll also be setting up something up so fans can email themselves posing in front of the mailbox and we’ll be making a slideshow of them on starwars.com!

  2. That’s cool – I’m thinking about going looking for the one in Royal Oak. Must find camera batteries…

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