Under a really big rock: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Jan. 7-13

@BrownBias: Why does everyone say "search your feelings" in these movies. Where do you look for feelings? Under a rock? #StarWars

Last week, Twitter had some thoughts on the nature of the Force, discovered Alec Guinness’ letters, turned down the opportunity to direct Episode VII and cried a bit. Just a bit.

Best #StarWars tweets for Jan. 7-13

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Why does everyone say "search your feelings" in these movies. Where do you look for feelings? Under a rock? #StarWarsArj Mocherla
The Force penetrates all living things and binds the galaxy together. OBVIOUSLY, The Force is a dominatrix. #StarWarsValerie Lapomme
Twitter learned what Alec Guinness really thought of Star Wars…
"New rubbish dialogue reaches me every other day…" Alec Guinness in 75/76, writing to a friend about Star Wars: http://pic.twitter.com/PM9FhnX1Shaun Usher
And proved that perhaps some etymology lessons are required:
Regarding the Alec Guinness letter from earlier: "Yahoo" is the name of a play he was in at the time. Yahoo! Inc. didn’t invent the word.Shaun Usher
No, I’m not joking. I’ve had emails and tweets from people doubting the letters’ authenticity due to the word "yahoo" appearing. Amazing.Shaun Usher
Oh, Twitter.
Was reminded today: one of the gauges on the Ep. III Star Destroyer set was a "Vader Detector" that would tell officers to "look busy."Pablo Hidalgo
my version… not as impressive @dbsw: "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold." #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/7NYwJwxMSeth Trueger
Local news anchor reporting on the Death Star petition response(off the cuff)"well at least the ewoks on Endor will sleep well tonight" #ftwCatStaggs
My 5-yr-old built an x-wing fighter with his #Lego. I think I can say I’ve got a budding aerospace engineer. #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/PDWaxo3GKevin Grout
If I had the cupboard from Indian in the Cupboard, I would SO put a toy lightsaber in there. Admit it, you would too. #starwarsShaggy Mike
Just watched last nights Modern Family. I wonder if Billy Dee ever gets tired of just being Lando, or if he has embraced it? #starwarsJohn
George Lucas haters: you realize Tolkien re-wrote “The Hobbit” more than once after publication, right?Shook
Star Wars got around #SixWordFilmPlots…
#SixWordFilmPlots Skywalker family drama screws over universe #StarWarsAndrew Gavlin
Deadbeat dad can afford lasers #sixWordFilmPlots #StarWarsTHATSteveRees
teenage farmer kisses sister, saves galaxy #SixWordFilmPlots #StarWarsNate Groot Nibbelink

Watching the movies

Watching #StarWars for the first time. Luke is all "Whine, whine, angst, whine," and the monsters are all, "We are CGI in a 70s movie!"Lindsay Roland
Luke’s so much more cut up about Ben’s death than he was about his adoptive parents. LET IT OUT, buddy. #starwarsGemma Duncan
Yes Luke, because shooting womp rats is exactly the same as destroying an entire space station. #epIV #starwarsalexwatsonian
Some day I’d like to see an all-out battle royale between Gremlins and Ewoks. #StarWarsStarWarsin60Minutes
Lando Calrissian sounds like an exotic resort in Nevada. "Welcome to lando calrissian, home of the worlds largest bull testicle" #starwarswhitney eaton
Wish I got invited to that party on Endor at the end of Return Of The Jedi. Get smashed and nick a Ewok for definite. #StarWarsDNPHL

Episode VII (and such)

I would like to officially confirm that I am starting a rumor that I am turning down Star Wars Episode VII.ChristopherMcQuarrie
How to know you’ve made it in hollywood: You’ve turned down directing star wars 7. #starwars #film #DURRRRRNewman Scott Hunter
If the live-action Star Wars show is essentially Star Wars 1313, meh.Brian
if ABC lands STAR WARS and picks up S.H.I.E.L.D., they would OWN the geeks. Can you imagine both airing back to back on the same night!Steven Weintraub

The Expanded Universe

Received the final George approved draft of the manuscript for #StarWars: Making of Return of the Jedi today from @jwrinzler (Erich)StarWarsBooks
New Star Wars pitch – The Confessions of Princess Leia: “I always loved Han, but Luke was a better kisser.”Randy Stradley
At the Timothy Zahn reading in Powell’s. Someone just accused the creator of Mara Jade of not writing strong female characters.Shannon Campbell
FYI if you accuse Mara Jade of not being strong or female your brain will be revoked.Shannon Campbell
I’m so seriously deep into the #StarWars universe, that I never took a minute to think how ridiculous it is to name a species Mon Calamari.Christine Plourde
In all my life, I never took a hard look at how many Star Wars Expanded Universe novels there were. I looked at the list just now. I cried.Chris Crash
Good grief I am really enjoying Scoundrels. This and Mercy Kill might be the most fun I’ve had with the #SWEU in years.Brian
Wow. These two paragraphs in Ch. 11 of Scoundrels have finally made me understand why it took so long for Winter and Tycho to marry. #SWEUNancipants
Well Leia isn’t THAT good of a pilot… #SWEU http://pic.twitter.com/qzZ9zaiiAaron Goins
Yesterday was the biggest day of my career, the reaction to Star Wars was INSANE. Thanks so much to all of you who bought and commented!Brian Wood

Star Wars life

Obi-Wan Kenobi to Luke: "You will go to the Bodega system. There you will get me an egg & cheese." #StarWars #puns #BrokeBrooklynDiningkara
#NerdProblems Wondering if Batman earrings clash too much with an "I <3 Star Wars" shirt.April Von Lon
Every full body stretch invariably turns into a reenactment of the emperor shooting lightning out of his fingers #starwarsRay Eaton
The brakes on the 18-wheeler next to me sound like the guns on an AT-AT & that’s pretty awesome. #StarWars #trafficLou Flores
My two year old daughter fell asleep cuddling a lightsaber tonight. Her dad has taught her well.. #starwars #lightsaberAvril Dunn
Twirling around the living room in my bath robe pretending to be a Jedi. #starwars #thebestMelissa Hedgecock
Coworker just confused the #Yoda bobblehead on my monitor with #Gollum. #StarWars #LOTRJennifer Shaw
There is something truly hilarious and poetic about how this Hallmark ornament broke. #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/By57hUaYrosiewook
I remember when someone was trying to make moves on me while we were watching #StarWars. Star Wars won. Kiss dissed.Missyy❤
My 5 y.o. son just accidentally read a spoiler in a Star Wars cartoon – learned who Vader really is. He actually screamed "WHAT?" Wow.Stefan Raets
Just got my Starbucks for free because the guy at drive up loved my Boba Fett hoodie XD #starwars #starbucks #nerdsruleCosmo Cheetah
It’s a little-known fact that the original #StarWars soundtrack is amazing soaking-in-the-tub music #fbLynnette Housky


The synthesis of my experience of the 90s would be a fat Cable doing the macarena while reading too many Star Wars expanded universe books.Ivan Hernandez
I hope one day I have the opportunity to destroy a phone mid-chat and then say, "Boring conversation anyway." #StarWars #HanShotFirstMayor of TV
I never did understand why the Emperor had a 500ft pit built into his throne room. It’s baffled me all my life. #starwarsDavid Weaver
phone keeps changing ‘hang’ to ‘Han’. apparently someone at apple seriously overestimated how often i text my friends about #starwarsDos Huevos
Those who refuse to learn from the #StarWars Holiday Special are doomed to repeat it.Eric Haywood
Death Stars don’t destroy planets. Hungry people do. That’s why I ate Alderan. #starwars #hunger #feedmeMark Holman