Trailer park: Thor, Wolverine, Helen Mirren and more

Thor: The Dark World looks… dark? Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) joins Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and his new wig for Thor’s first entry into Marvel’s Phrase 2. (Also, Thor… Just let her go, man. Didn’t you see what happened to the last pretty-but-kind-of-dim boy who got obsessed with saving Natalie Portman’s life? Ask Darcy, she’ll know.)

Beneath the cut, a new look at The Wolverine, Helen Mirren kills, Emma Watson wants to rob and… Judy Blume. It’s a mix.

Here’s the Japanese trailer for The Wolverine. It looks… Wolveriney.

Red 2, mostly because who doesn’t love watching Helen Mirren kick some ass?

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson only plays a supporting role in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, but you certainly can’t tell from the trailer. (Really I’m only including this so I have an excuse to link to the Vanity Fair story that inspired the movie as it’s actually kind of amazing in a look-into-the-vapid-abyss kind of way.)

And finally, continuing our I-have-no-reason-to-feature-this-whatsoever category, it’s a Judy Blume adaption! Tiger Eyes is directed by the author’s son Lawrence Blume and will be in limited release this summer

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