Kathleen Kennedy: We’ll embrace the internet’s thirst for Episode VII

In another interview out of CinemaCon (previously) Kathleen Kennedy talks about being a role model for women, joining Lucasfilm and most notably, secrecy and Episode VII. With the internet, she says, you have to ’embrace,’ ‘recognize’ and ‘acknowledge’ that there are things fans are going to be chomping at the bit for.

This isn’t quite an acknowledgement that they’re going to be giving us tons of info, but hopefully it does bode well for our friends at StarWars.com and how much access they may get in covering the production and filming of the upcoming movies.

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  1. Bring back the webcam. That was mostly dull, but you never knew if it was going to become really rad and that was entertaining unto itself.

    With 5 films in the next seven years, it would seem better to me to embrace the online community. We used to have years to decompress after a film, so some kind of continuing, if not overlapping coverage would be great to maintain momentum.

  2. I find myself assured when I hear KK. There’s still so many ways this can go, and I’m pretty sure I wn’t like them all – but I’m convinced that she does her very, very best, and she’s gathered a crew that is the best possible to take this onward. Also, they respect the fans, if nothing else. I’m ok with this.

  3. Loved Pablo, his on-set diaries and the webcam. I’ve now retired, but my former employer has no idea how much time I devoted to constantly checking into SW.com to see where Pablo was each day. With the time difference in Sydney alot of the activity coincided with my daily work schedule so….I did what must be done.

  4. I’d love to see a new “script girl” and a new webcam sponge mini movie (it was a sponge, right? Or was it cheese? My prequel memory isn’t what it used to be… ;-)).

    1. I vaguely remember script girl, but not the sponge/cheese.

      I do remember there was a thread on the official site forums dedicated to watching the thing, but I don’t think I went into it much.

      Perhaps Pablo will come by to enlighten us.

  5. Ah, so many Hyperspace memories. :) Yes, Mousy was dubbed ‘script girl’ because the webcam caught her collating a bunch of paperwork (I doubt they were scripts) in the production offices. She was only 16 at the time. She went on to work with the LFL doc department through Episode III postproduction, and continues to work in production, serving as a PA on a lot of movies, including Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Dark Knight Rises.

    The cheese was just a prop that was a bit of a snarky shorthand by the camera dept. for getting the actors onto set. People kept playing with it and it ended up on the webcam.

    And while I was not in love with Caroline de Souza, I can say some of the visiting art department appreciated her. I did briefly date a senator before I left Australia, but that’s another story not available for any subscription fee. :)


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