Trailer park: Pacific Rim, Percy Jackson

This new Pacific Rim trailer focuses a bit more on the people and internal tech than the giant robot/monster fighting. The Mary Sue points to an interesting quote from Legendary Entertainment’s Jon Jashni:

Jashni maintains that the “fanboy psychographic” isn’t limited to men anymore, and that character helps sell a movie to all audience segments. “There’s an emotional aspect to this movie, and there’s a bombastic aspect,” he says. “Some women will respond to the emotion inherent in the movie, some will respond to the spectacle. Same is true for men and adults. ”

Well, at least someone gets it.

Pretty slim pickings this week, but head below the cut for another Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters trailer.

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  1. I haven’t seen the first Percy Jackson movie and am not really the target audience for this but it looked fun enough.

    I’m really looking forward to Pacific Rim. Is it sort of ridiculous? Sure, but how can you not like giant robots fighting giant monsters from the king of monsters, Guilermo del Toro?

  2. If Guilermo can get past all the CG and tell a good story, I’m in. He did it with Hellboy, but Helboy 2 was more about the visuals and had a mediocre story and suffered for it. This is the guy whose films run the gamut of Pan’s Labyrinth to Blade 2, so who knows?

    Carl: you might be right about the new Percy Jackson movie, but the trailer just makes it look like a pandering, Harry Potter wannabe. That could just be the trailer editor’s fault though.

  3. I’m a massive fan of the Percy Jackson books; even though they’re children’s books and I’m an adult, I still adore them. I’m also a fan of Harry Potter, and I don’t regard Percy as a rip-off at all.

    The first film was a lot of fun, although without the quality of the book. It’s helped by great casting (Uma Thurman as Medusa in particular was inspired). Hopefully the Sea of Monsters will be at least as entertaining as the first movie – if it’s anywhere near as good as the novel, though, I’ll be ecstatic.

  4. Sean: I don’t doubt that most trailer editors try to emulate successful movies that are comparable to theirs when putting these things together. Sadly imitation is the order of the day when it comes to trying to make a buck.

    And I agree about del Toro. I’m hoping he made this one out of affection and not just to do a big budget film.

  5. Tonight’s trailer for,pacific rim was interesting, especially for sons of anarchy SAMCROW!

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