Trailer: Oz The Great and Powerful

The first trailer (high-res) for Sam Raimi’s Wizard of Oz prequel, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. It’s… I don’t know? But then again, I’m pretty sure Wicked overexposure – and that awful SyFy miniseries a few years back – has pretty much burned me out on Oz all-together. On the other hand, the cast is more or less a Successful Alumni of 90’s Teen TV reunion, which amuses me to no end. Your thoughts?

2 Replies to “Trailer: Oz The Great and Powerful

  1. the B&w stuff at the beginning looks great, but then all that CG in OZ? Blech. The original film was so great because it was so tactile. Everything was real. It looks like this is going to suffer the same as Disney’s Alice film: decent acting and story, ugly/fake visuals. Come on people! Hollywood is making more cash than ever, why can’t we use some of that cash to make some kick-ass costumes and sets? And you know the CG isn’t any less expensive. The cost of a costume designer, a costume and one actor to wear it has to be lower than a whole team of handsomely paid animators.

    I hope the film is good anyway. Raimi is solid and FLYING MONKEYS are possibly the BEST THING EVER!! :)

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