Trailer: James Cameron’s Avatar

So, the movie that is supposedly going to change cinema forever basically looks like Ferngully meets Reboot (Totally 90’s-riffic! OR IS IT?) meets half-decent modern CGI. The next Star Wars? Stranger things have happened, but somehow I doubt it.

6 Replies to “Trailer: James Cameron’s Avatar

  1. One of my friends that went to Comic-Con told me it was described to him as Dances With Wolves IN SPACE! That did not sell the movie to me at all.

  2. Honestly? After James Cameron’s snitfit about the Avatar: The Last Airbender film having to take “Avatar” out of the title so it wouldn’t conflict with his preccccciouusssss… I have no desire to even watch a trailer of this film, let alone shell out $8 to go see it.

  3. Folks who went to see the 3-D previews are saying it looks much better that way, which seems counterproductive. Isn’t the whole point of a trailer to make me want to see in 3-D in the first place?

    I thought the Airbender conflict was just that Cameron registered the ‘Avatar’ trademark in like 1998 or something…

  4. I think everyone is missing the obvious . . . the trailer tells nothing of what this movie is about! Sure we can all see that there are two different races fighting each other but it tells nothing else. If all this movie is, is another race vs race with a subtle hint of story then it isn’t worth anyone’s time.

    Also I’ve seen better CGI.

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