Trailer: Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire

Debuting on the MTV Movie Awards last night..

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  1. Most people say they prefer a book version to a movie version, but I find myself even more interested in the story now that it’s not just from Katniss’s POV. The stuff with Snow reminds me of Palpatine. So evil and vile yet…I can’t look away.

  2. I’m looking forward to this too. I’m not sure I want to read the books; I’m blaming them for the horrific first person present tense trend I’ve seen on writing sites. But I do think it’s a good story and would really like to see it progress beyond the child gladitorial games to deeper social/politcal issues.

  3. Agree with Nanci. I think the movie makers do well in using the different angle that the filmatization makes anyway, to bring in new perspectives. Besides, if we were to see all through Katniss eyes in the film, we’d not be able to see herself, would we? ;-P

    And Donald Sutherland is awesome as Snow!

  4. Excellent trailer. Focusing on themes instead of action (I’m sure that’ll come later). Can’t wait!

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