Trailer: Divergent hopes to make a splash

And the parade continues with the first full trailer for Divergent, an adaptation of one of the more successful post-apocalyptic YA novels that followed in the wake of The Hunger Games. The poster, again, is below.


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  1. For me, the book held great premise but lacked execution so I can’t say that I am very enthusiastic about seeing the movie. IMHO, this overarching story in begins strongly but does not sustain itself with the same power as The Hunger Games. I bought Divergent (the book) with eager anticipation. I was very interested in the plot and particularly the protagonist – at first – but two-thirds of the way through that book I found that I cared less and less about what happened next. This particular dystopia held no resonance for me and the characters did not keep my attention. However, I know that there are a great many fans who will vehemently disagree with my point of view. I’m just not sure they exist in equal numbers or have the passion of Hunger Games fans.

  2. I read the book after a couple truly awful YA dystopias so I was initially fairly positive… But the more I thought about it the least I liked it, and I stalled out on the second book less than a third of the way through.

    The worldbuilding just did not work for me, and the more we saw of the world the less it worked. Granted, maybe that turned around later, but I couldn’t get that far and have no desire to try it again.

    It’s not the worst YA dystopia by any means, but at best? A very distant second to Hunger Games, based on what I read. I might see the movie, but… Meh.

  3. I read the first two,but everything about this last book has put me off wanting to see it. Twilight has more story and character. There is potential, but it just skips through where they could delivered.

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