Tragedy strikes SDCC: Twilight fan struck, killed by car

There’s been a lot of eyerolling and giggling about the fans who started lining up for Thursday’s Twilight panel on Monday – but it was all (mostly) in good fun. But things took a dark turn today. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that, in a rush to secure her place in line, the woman was crossing Harbor Drive against the light and hit by a SUV.

The Hollywood Reporter identified her as Twitter user @Mad4Hugh, who gives her name as Gisela G. UPDATE: Twilight fandom has set up a fund to help Gisela’s family with funeral expenses.

Comic-Con may very well be amazing – any con can be – but please remember to be safe! Nothing at SDCC, not even your place in line, is worth your life.

3 Replies to “Tragedy strikes SDCC: Twilight fan struck, killed by car”

  1. This is a horrible tragedy. I feel terrible for her fellow fans who knew her and were there with her.

  2. This is so very sad. I’m active in this fandom and ‘knew her’ through various message boards. Oh internets…

    I will definitely be donating to her family later this week.


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