Dark Horse to publish new title Star Wars. Just Star Wars.

Yes, this is actual news. Well, here’s one Star Wars debut due at SDCC: A comic called just Star Wars by “prolific author” Brian Wood. Wood’s name doesn’t ring any bells for me, but you may recognize some of his previous titles: DMZ, Channel Zero, Northlanders and The Massive. And the cover artist should be familiar: Comic legend Alex Ross.

The series represents a refocusing on “the core characters of the Original Trilogy.” (Fan reaction should be interesting, as it seems a lot of the love Dark Horse gets in EU fandom is for not doing that.) Randy Stradley tells io9:

It’s back-to-basics in the sense that we’re going back to the beginning, but Brian Wood is exploring aspects of the characters and their relationships that have, in many ways, been glossed over in the past, or shoved aside in favor of big action set pieces. Don’t get me wrong, this series has plenty of action, but all of it is informed by, or springs out of, the characters’ reactions to events in A New Hope.

Well, I’m intrigued, though I’m not sure of how this will go over. Still, Dark Horse is clearly going for a wider audience here, one not bogged down in the minutiae of “impenetrable continuity,” and I for one can’t blame them for aiming higher than their usual audience of ultra-concentrated fanboys. Should be interesting, even if the title is going to make it a bit of a nightmare for categorizing.

The book is due to start shipping in January.

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  1. Interesting. Sounds like the same approach DR and Tim Zahn are taking with Scoundrels. Set in early in the timeline, focus on a familiar character, write a story that’s easily accessible.

    No idea how effective this comic will ultimatley be, but I applaud the approach.

  2. I’m shocked! Lucasfilm and affiliates still remember old-school fans? Has Mustafar frozen over?

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