Tonight on Devaronian Housewives: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #EpisodeVII tweets for June 10-23

@TVMcGee: Find all about the naughty, secret lives of Sith housekeepers in "Grievous Maids", coming to Cartoon Network this Fall! #StarWars

We’re back, baby! Please insert liquor. No, wait. That was last week. Alas, vacation time is over, and the roundup has returned. Head below the cut for last week’s best casting snark and other gems from Twitter since the last time we looked.

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8 Replies to “Tonight on Devaronian Housewives: Best #StarWars, #SWEU and #EpisodeVII tweets for June 10-23”

  1. hahahaahahaha these always give me such a laugh. Especially Pablo’s last one there.

  2. You know, Waru could become the red matter of the sequels. How awesome disturbing would that be? :-D

  3. Thanks, Erich!

    Stooge: I wasn’t doing quite as much searching due to the con and such, but sometimes less is more, I guess! And Pablo is always solid.

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