Threading the needle: Best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets for April 22-28

@LeeGallows: Why has no one started up a Star Wars themed tattoo shop called "Tattooine" yet?

This week, we pondered the essential questions of Star Wars and learned about hugging from Carrie Fisher. Also, someone named ‘Barkevious Mingo’ exists. No, seriously!

Best #StarWars tweets for April 22-28

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Why has no one started up a Star Wars themed tattoo shop called "Tattooine" yet?Lee Barratt
When I meet guys that haven’t seen Star Wars I always feel awkward cause I’ve seen them all like 10 times #NerdyDadProbzHaley
#vadering Fearn
Appearing as I shall in Stratford upon Avon to celebrate May the Fourth, I should write this in blank verse but alas my mind has gone blank.Anthony Daniels
Pretty much hated it when I first heard it, but the title "The Phantom Menace" has aged remarkably well. #EpisodeVIIAbel G. Peña
Finished playing Bananagrams with my brother. We made our subject Star Wars. It was a bit hard at the end, though. Yarbrough
Ever wonder just what the hell a Jawa looks like under his hood? Get on that, J.J. Abrams! #EpisodeVII #JawaFacialMatthew St. Cyr
OH at work: "anyone who starts inside Jabba, stays in Jabba." @infinata @HolocronKeeperKristen Hidalgo
Carrie Fisher at the Calgary Expo!
We’re waiting for the Star Wars panel and I think the Clone Wars lied to us about the loss of Jedi because there are hundreds here!Vampire Nomad
The Carrie Fisher spotlight could be subtitled "Saucy Answers to Children’s Questions." #CalgaryExpo #starwarsSuzette Chan
Carrie Fisher’s final words of wisdom from her @CalgaryExpo panel: "Hugging is good in any galaxy, with or without Wookies." #starwarsShrewd Reviews
Also C2E2. Well, with no Carrie, but Dark Horse was there!
Just saw a mixed squadron of ghostbusters and storm troopers. @c2e2Jane Espenson
Nothing has come down from Lucasfilm or Disney concerning Dark Horse Comics and Star Wars. #C2E2 #comicsJohnamarie Macias
The new monthly #StarWars comic has so far sold 75,000 copies & may see a 5th printing, per @DarkHorseComics #C2E2Mos Eisley Radio


Rec’d advance copies of the SB book and CW Episode Guide. W. Rinzler
Seeing lots of great art today…final pages for Dawn of the Jedi and Dark Times comics, covers for Kenobi and Razor’s Edge novels. #sweuJennifer Heddle
You’d think getting devoured by a sarlacc/ cut in half would be the point of no return even for the Star Wars universe.Sam Fenn
"I can live with the fact that Angry Birds isn’t part of the central Star Wars canon." Overheard at #Conflux9Matthew Farrer
Instead of the old "who should Luke marry" debates, now we have "should Luke be married" arguments. Fandom, you wonderful circular thing.Nanci Schwartz
The series finale of Star Wars The Clone Wars was so sad, but it couldn’t have ended any better or perfectly.Jake Zehr

Star Wars life

Whatever mistakes I’ve made in life, they’ve brought me here, where I’m getting paid to write Star Wars-themed refers for tomorrow’s cover.Megan Crepeau
I was whistling the Star Trek TNG song and my cat attacked me without provocation. Does that mean she prefers Star Wars? #geektroublesSara Ivette
My 5-year-old son, Logan, lecturing about @StarWars on "Take Your Child To Work Day"! @deebradleybaker Karavlan
It’s school picture day & my 2nd grader will be forever memorialized in an angry birds star wars shirt #ofcourseMicha Sorensen
Had a reenactment of Star Wars in my classroom today. The girls formed a rebellion and I put on my Darth Vader hat and squashed it LOLJanet McCandlas
Indie’s go to movie is Empire. I feel like I have raised him right in the was of the Force … and entertainment. #StarWars #nerdparentskillHannah
So far spent my morning watching MSNBC while singing the Star Wars theme song in my underwear. Just. Ok.Chelsea Greenfield
This little boy has a Star Wars alphabet book… I’ve never been so jealouscolton sharp
my literature final is on star wars do you think i would get extra points if i did it in all black paper and yellow writingChris Stewart


Remember the sound of Obi-Wan Kenobi manually shutting down the tractor beam in #StarWars? The dog just made that sound while sleeping.Mike Mason
I think I was very forgiving of the Star Wars prequels because I really like the word ‘senator’Stephen Duignan
Pretty sure George Lucas is going to sue Barkevious Mingo for the copyright to that name. #nfldraftWade Randolph

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  1. “Also, someone named ‘Barkevious Mingo’ exists.”

    College football and Star Wars. Worlds colliding. I love it.

  2. Cool, a “should Luke be married” debate. Wouldn’t that be a great starting point for a CE2 panel? :-)

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