This Is Madness: Vader concedes, Yoda (and Hondo) win!

Team HondoGreat news, my loyal, well mostly loyal, crew, from your captain, Hondo! I’ve won the This Is Madness contest. [Editor’s note: Hondo is not being entirely truthful. Yoda is the official winner. You can see the official results here. Also note that the official header image on the website today is Vader with the quote: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”] Team Hondo can rejoice in my victory. [Editor’s Note: Yoda won. We have video proof from ESPN UNITE.]

As you can see in the video above, Darth Vader has bowed out of the contest, and he got only 40% of the vote. That leaves 60% for me. Or if you look at the way I set it up over the weekend, 100% of the votes were really for me. So that’s really 160% of the vote for me! So somebody needs to give Matt Martin 10 credits, I heard he bet it all on me, which is always a good option. Unless I’m betting on the other guy, and in those cases, I usually know something.

And as customary with victory speeches, I must thank all of my supporters. You. and you, and that guy over there. But especially all the fans on #teamhondo on twitter, and Justin at Jedi News and Tricia at Fangirl Blog. But not Cad Bane. Ok, enough frivol.. frivoli.. fun and games. Time to get back to work – I smell profit.

5 Replies to “This Is Madness: Vader concedes, Yoda (and Hondo) win!”

  1. I’m sure that someone could point to this and say that Yoda is a favorite. But it would be interesting to know the absolute numbers in each round. Or how Yoda would do head to head against Han Solo or Boba Fett or those other contenders for standalones.

    Remember, Yoda also beat out every other SW character back in 2007 for the USPS stamp solo release to celebrate Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, and Yoda wasn’t even in A New Hope.

  2. Wait a minute, Pabawan, are you insinuating that not everything is a super secret data gathering technique? I’ll never take off my tin foil Yoda ears, never!

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