Theory: A new

EU Cantina has video of Steve’s presentation at Disney World this weekend. He also talks about Skywalker Ranch, the Presidio, The Force Unleashed, and of course, a lot about The Clone Wars.

He briefly mention and ‘some changes…’ Does that, combined with the site’s recent radio silence (the last news item is dated May 29th, and even blogging has been sparse) mean the site is getting a real overhaul, as opposed to just another Flash splash page?

Just don’t make it all in Flash, please…

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  1. Even if it loads up 25% quicker than the site now, it’d be an improvement. I never go to the main page anymore, it’s way too slow.

  2. Hmm… I’m still not totally sold on the Flash home page, although I like the videos section. And it’s a little bizarre that the blog and mashup sites exist in sort of alternate universes that are barely connected at all to the main site. And what’s the future of Hyperspace? Oh well, I still like the site….

  3. Scoke: I don’t like the ‘loading’ thingee, but yeah. It’s pretty enough, but I rarely go to the main site. My bookmark is the news update page.

    Stooge: Well, they’re all only theories. It could be he Hulk’s people after a;;. ;)

    Toph: The video section drives me insane. And it confuses Adblock.

  4. Oh, please. Everyone knows that it’s the Trek fans. They’re starting to get all cocky again with the movie upcoming. ;)

  5. I just assumed they hadn’t paid their fees and had gone back to 56k dial up. My Atari 2600 loads faster than the main sites front page these days.

    They should do away with the fancy graphics – content is king!

  6. Dunc–haha, sorry. Do you at least think it’s better than what existed before, with videos scattered all over the place?

    I do wish there was an option to embed videos, though….

  7. I don’t mind the idea of it, it’s just too Flashy. And the fact that Adblock hates it… Gah.

    (In theory, I don’t hate Flash – It has plenty of legit uses. I just hate it when sites use it as the be all and end all.)

    If there was an embed, I would be a lot cooler with it. I can understand why they don’t have it on their server, but even if they just had a redundant Youtube channel so there would be some sort of ‘official’ embed option…

  8. A YouTube channel would be nice indeed.

    Is the whole video platform done through a partnership with Yahoo? Seems like it, just looking at the UI (and considering the site and Yahoo being their search provider). So I wonder if there’d be a way to let Yahoo host that… then again, Yahoo may be a bit preoccupied at the moment.

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