The Star Wars live-action series has not been forgotten

Yeah, not so much.In the wake of yesterday’s rumor, I was being all depressive about the live-action show on Twitter. (As you do.) But today, miracle of miracles, the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan has a post on the live-action show! Here’s the money shot:

“They are working with writers on scripts,” a Lucasfilm representative said in response to a query. “They won’t set a production date [for Season 1] until the scripts are done.”

But work on the unnamed show’s scripts appears to be at an advanced stage — which isn’t surprising, considering the writing of the live-action show began two years ago.

Casting will begin once the scripts are done as well.

Sure, from what we know so far (bounty hunters, eww) it probably won’t appeal all that much to me, but it feels like the franchise is getting more and more kid-centric on a daily basis so I’m just happy to hear that the thing hasn’t been swept under the carpet in the name of indoctrinating the young. (Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!)

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  1. I don’t mind these teeny-weeny bits of non-information or anything, but couldn’t Lucasfilm release just one piece of concept art instead?
    Because I don’t know about you guys, but as for me I’m having serious doubts even my great-grandchildren will get to see this show. Their great-grandchildren maybe, but I’m starting to doubt even that. ;-)

  2. If Ryan is correct, we won’t get bupkiss until those scripts are done. If we’re lucky, that could be at C5.

  3. Dunc,

    I recalled the first show mentioned, but not the second the first time I read it. I’m a desperate man, I hope everything is news.

  4. Tell me when it finally gets here, then I’ll start paying attention. :p

    All of this teasing teensy bits of info released painfully slow stopped being cute a long time ago with many things Star Wars-related for me.

  5. What? There’s going to be a live action TV show? No way! Will they use all the costumes from that other classic live action Star Wars TV show, the Holiday Special? Oh, to see the return of Saun Dann and Ackmena (and other assorted horny Wookiees…)

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