Sunday reader: Star Wars as an Icelandic saga

Parque sulfúrico by fotosdepepe @ Flickr
Image: Parque sulfúrico by Jozelui. Used under the Creative Commons license BY-NC 2.0.

Jackson Crawford is ‘translating’ the Star Wars saga from Old Norse. Here’s a sample from the introduction:

Víga-Óbívan waits for Lúkr to attain manhood, and by now is himself an old man. When young Lúkr follows some lost sheep onto Víga-Óbívan’s property and is attacked by his retainers, Víga-Óbívan defends him and later tells Lúkr (who in a dream has been given his father’s byname, “himingangari,” by a dís, but is unaware that his father also bore it), that Lúkr’s father Anakinn was slain by Veiðari, the great captain of King Falfaðinn of Kóruskantborg.

It seems seems to be ongoing, and currently up to Chapter 6.

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  1. This is the most amazing thing ever. I’m definitely going to have to bring this to my Old English professor’s attention.

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