The Old Republic MMO cinematic trailer

Or watch it on the TOR official site. And there’s more good news for those of you who want to gorge on all the info you can get on this new MMO – the Holonet.

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  1. It’s a pretty awesome trailer, but…

    …are we just throwing canon aside permanently? I mean, I know it’s an MMO, but geez.

    Of course, maybe I’m not up to par with what’s going on with “canon” lately.

  2. It’s not that kind of franchise, kid.

    (Okay, seriously – Aren’t games kind of weird for canon integration, what with all the multiple storylines and stuff? And with MMOs, multiply that by thousands of all-new characters… This is why I think they should pick-and-chose when it comes to “canon” from video games, not that I really care all that much.)

  3. “It’s not that kind of franchise, kid.”

    Understandable, but from the EU stuff I’ve read, it does try to keep within canon more than other franchises. At least they don’t do time travel to reboot anything. At least, I thought they didn’t. And then I saw this trailer.

    I hate the fact that this game is an MMO. I’ll never play it because of that. I could go on a rant here about that, but I’ll just say that this game, more than any other, canon is just not going to fit into it. I knew that when it was first revealed that it would be an MMO. I just didn’t know they were gonna start throwing Republic Gunships and V-Wings into battle at the Jedi Temple, but still in the KOTOR era. Whatever.

  4. Canon no canon, noodle no noodle…. I just wish we could see movies or clone wars reach this level of animation.

  5. Yeah, I’d rather be entertained than freak out over what is or isn’t canon. And that trailer does make that game look damn entertaining – even though I don’t do games, period. (And the chances of me starting out with an MMO is nil.)

    Honestly, after that trailer, I’d rather see TOR as a cartoon than TCW, and I’m equally apathetic towards both periods.

  6. It’s a shame the gameplay looks nothing like that trailer.

    And heck, I’d rather see any era be a cartoon than TCW.

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