The Sheev of it all: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for October 9-23

@nancipants: Sheev is the best worst thing to happen to Star Wars in a long time. It's terrible but inconsequential, and all the jokes are spectacular.

It’s that time again, the time we all gather together and mock something ridiculous about Star Wars. Yes, we have Sheev jokes. So many Sheev jokes. And also some other stuff, like pumpkins and license plates and kids saying funny stuff. But, c’mon: Sheev.

Episode VII and beyond

Oh hey, some concept art leaked…


The Expanded Universe

Okay, moving on.

Seriously, that is way better than any of the U.S. art.

Star Wars life


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  1. Saw that great new Heir to the Empire art over at r/StarWars a few weeks back – is that official and will the artist be doing the other two books as well?

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