The Mandalorian: We might get some Baby Yoda merch after all

Because the character was kept under wraps for so long, we’ve all been assuming there won’t be any Baby Yoda merch this year… But CNBC says some may launch as soon as tomorrow – and in fact there’s already a t-shirt on Amazon. But will there be a plush? Galaxy’s Edge has already improvised with the existing Yoda toys, but will it pass muster?

/Film has some details on the new VFX technology that The Mandalorian is using, from a panel with Kathleen Kennedy and director Deborah Chow.

Can’t stop, won’t stop posting baby Yoda pictures.

Why is Baby Yoda so cute? Turns out, it’s science. We can’t escape it! Also, learn a new German term!

The official site sharing all that closing-title concept art: Chapter 1, Chapter 2. MORE BABY YODA!

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