The Last Jedi: New dialogue, peanut covers, are porgs rodents?

New dialogue has been heard in both a TV spot (which also features a handful of new shots, most notably Finn during his battle with Phasma) and via some… talking candy? Per usual, these lines may not pan out in the film so don’t get too attached (remember “immune to the light?”)

Meanwhile, the peanuts are getting big-time magazine covers. Daisy Ridley is on the cover of Vogue. The pictures are nice (the inside ones are pretty great) but the article addresses some of her issues ajusting to sudden fame. Meanwhile, John Boyega was named one of Time’s Next Generation Leaders, with a cover of his own.

John Boyega says that porgs are “cute” and “great” but he also calls them “rodents.” Rodents! (Okay, as someone who lives near a significant body of water and sees seagulls on a near-daily basis, I get it. Kinda.)

And Andy Serkis discusses Snoke’s robe, as one does.