The Last Jedi: Adam Driver hopes fans will find Kylo Ren’s fate “unexpected”

In a new interview with Today, Adam Driver says that Kylo Ren’s fate in The Last Jedi will be “hopefully, unexpected.”

He also addresses some concerns about the character’s unusual lightsaber.

→ A lot of hay is being made of a John Boyega interview regarding the British royals and Tom Hardy being on set (presumably separately) but keep in mind that “being on set” is not “filmed a scene” – and the royals, at least, were no secret. You can call the Hardy thing about half confirmed – the original rumor is pretty detailed about what he shot, and for that we’ll just have to wait and see. (Interestingly, it does resemble a rumor about the royals…)

→ Australia is apparently issuing The Last Jedi stamp sets. There’s a catalog which features many characters, and close ups of Kylo and Snoke floating around.

→ Not only is there an adorable porg toy, but it’s an adorable porg toy that makes noises. What does the porg say?

→ Or, there are already fans creating their own, because the call of the porg is mighty. offers the (edible) budget version.